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Q: What are the ingredients of Po' Dan's?

A: Our treats are made fresh from 100% USDA Grade A boneless, skinless chicken breasts (all white meat) with no preservatives, by-products or fillers. Seriously, it's just chicken! Our Mesquite and Hickory Jerky are marinated overnight in a soy based liquid smoke before we dehydrate to give them each a distinct flavor.

Q: What are the nutritional facts?

A: Our treats have been tested by an independent laboratory for Guaranteed Analysis as well as Calorie Content for each flavor and size. You can view the nutrional label next to each product on our website and each pouch. All three flavors are high protein and low in fat. 

Q: What if my dog has allergies?

A: We suggest trying our Plain Ole Chicken Treats since these have no flavor additives. It’s just chicken!

Q: What is the texture of the treats and how big are they?

A: Our treats are a little on the crunchy side but not brittle. The pieces are large because we use boneless, skinless, chicken breast and you will see this is real chicken. You can easily break into smaller pieces for smaller dogs. 

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes of course! If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your payment less shipping charges. Just return the treats (must be at least ¾ full) and we will process a refund to your credit card.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: Our treats have been tested for 90 day shelf life. There is an oxygen absorber in every bag (do not let your dog eat!) and should be re-sealed after each use. You can also refrigerate or freeze.